Baby Car Mirror – Is It Really Worth The Money?

Product: Shynerk Baby – 0011 Baby Car Mirror

Price: $14.99

Where To Get It:

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.4 x 1.1 inches

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Shynerk Baby – 0011 Baby Car Mirror

I have to be honest when my babies were babies this baby car mirror was not a thing, so seeing your baby especially when they were rear facing was not something you were able to do, but I wanted to do a review on them anyway because I remember what it was like driving around and having to stop the car to see what your baby was crying about or stop to make sure that your baby was still breathing if they were especially quiet for long periods of time.

I think this is a very nifty and comforting thing to have while driving with your baby in the car especially when you have brand new babies or even older babies that are still rear facing. It gives you that peace of mind knowing that you can see your baby just by looking in your mirror plus the babies absolutely love seeing the other baby looking back at them. It allows them to talk and play with this baby and keeps you calm and able to concentrate on driving. It is a safe way to monitor your baby without taking your eyes off the road or having to pull over to check on them.

All About The Shynerk Baby Mirror

The Shynerk Baby Mirror installs in seconds by attaching it to the rear headrest with Velcro straps, one vertical and one horizontal strap. It has a wide angle so that you can see all of your baby and is fully adjustable and is pretty much compatible with almost every vehicle type.

The design is shatterproof so no worries about a possible accident or extremely hard bump in the road causing it to break and shatter all over your baby and the best part about this baby mirror is that it comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so if you are not 100% satisfied with this item at any time they will give you a full refund and allow you to return the product. How is that for awesomeness!!

The Complaints On This Baby Mirror

So, as promised in my other reviews on products here are the downsides to this baby mirror and I have to say every other baby mirror I researched for this review.

In my research on baby mirrors I was not able to locate a mirror that was a decent price and didn’t pretty much have the same complaints as this one. The weird part was I even checked out the most expensive ones and they also had similar complaints.

The concept of these mirrors are absolutely perfect but are not made perfectly and have some flaws that I think is up to you to decide on whether these complaints are worth you spending money on even getting a mirror. However, in my opinion the positive remarks are much more grand than the negative remarks and $14 for a little comfort that may have a few flaws to it, is worth the risk especially with the lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

One of the complaints on these mirrors is that it does not work with all cars. If you have a car where the headrest does not adjust up or down you may find it difficult to attach the vertical strap and may find that the mirror shakes a bit without that strap attached.

The other complaint was that the mirror was made with cheap products and didn’t last for very long.

The final complaint that I found was that it was difficult to get a hold of the company so they had a hard time getting that lifetime guarantee refund, but they did get it from Amazon themselves with a bit of work. This reason alone is why I only gave it a 7 out of 10.

I mean if you are going to make a promise like that you shouldn’t make it so difficult to get a hold of your company, but on the other hand I can also understand that they may be trying to protect themselves from having customers who are just trying to return the mirror not because of their dissatisfaction but just because they are looking for the money back. You know what type of people I am referring to.

It Is Your Decision To Make

As I mentioned earlier, the decision is yours to make but I want you to keep in mind that some people make these complaints under false pretenses and they also may not have attached it right or used the product per instructions provided.

You also have the ones that are expecting more than what they paid for or don’t tell the whole story on how the item was destroyed.

When I am looking for a specific product I always start off with the negative reviews and I always read the most recent ones and then I work my way up the review tier. I do this because I like to see the negatives and compare them to the positives and the most recent ones tell me whether or not the product has improved a bit and lets me know if it is a product that I would like to give a try and see if I get the same results.

A lot of times I don’t allow the negative reviews deter my decision to buy a product because the negative reviews are extremely old or there aren’t as many negatives as there are positives. I also take into consideration that a lot of items don’t work because of user errors.

My Honest Opinion On Baby Mirrors

In my research, as I mentioned above, I also looked at several other baby mirrors to compare them to this one and found that most had the same complaint about not fitting properly, shaking, picture of baby being distorted, and cracking easily.

However, I think those things really have to do with how/where you put the mirror, if you put it on your headrest tight enough, and possibly getting a defective item which happens no matter how popular or good the quality of items normally are when you buy online. There will always be a chance that you get one that managed to get through the quality check and somehow was missed and sent out anyway.

I think that with the price of this item and the fact (even though it may be a little work getting that refund) they offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, that this particular mirror is worth a shot. You may find that it works out great for you and if it doesn’t then you can just return it for your money back and DIY your own baby mirror or find one that is higher quality and much more expensive.

For me, it is just a baby mirror and if it doesn’t work the way I want it to and I have issues with getting my money back, then I will take that mirror and make it work by DIYing it myself. We are mothers and that is what we will do for many years to come because there will be lots of times where you don’t have the money for something your child needs or your child breaks something that you can’t replace so you DIY it instead and make the sucker work. Am I wrong?

I hope this article gives you the information you were looking for. If you have a mirror that has worked out perfectly for you, have a DIY mirror idea, or have any questions and/or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out below in the comments section. I absolutely love hearing from my readers and don’t forget to check out our forum here if you have some helpful advice or need advice.

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  • Mohammad

    I think it is amazing, anything that provide saftey to our kids can be and will be good in my opinion and it is amazing how you provided us with this detailed information about Baby care mirror so we can decide easily if it is good or not. I loved your post.

    • Kristena


      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review and you are absolutely right, anything that provides safety and peace of mind as a parent is a good thing. However, only if it works properly which is why all of my reviews will give more than just the good points of a product.

    • Kristena


      Exactly! That is why even though there are some downsides to this mirror I would still recommend getting it so that you can feel a little better knowing that you can see your child, who is rear facing, a little better and catch them when they are trying to undo their buckle because even little ones can find a way of doing that. LOL!

  • Buffy

    That’s super cool, I love that both parents and baby can see each other! And I think it’s worth the money. I don’t have kids, but if I did I would get one.

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