Pregnancy – Will Yours Be Like Mine?

You have just found out you are pregnant and you are probably a little scared about it. That is quite alright and very normal. I have 4 children and I was nervous with each one of my pregnancies (yes even the ones after my first) because I heard stories that were scary and I knew that just because I experienced things a certain way with my first child, it didn’t mean that it would go the same way with my other ones (every pregnancy is going to be different).

I am here to tell you my experiences with all 4 of my pregnancies and I can tell you that my pregnancy wasn’t as easy as you see on T.V. and my experiences are only going to be a reference for you because you may not experience the same things as me and your pregnancy may be easier or harder than mine was. Like I said every pregnancy is different and every body is different.

My First Child

So when I had my first child I was pretty young, but I was the oldest of 7 children so I had been there when my siblings we growing in my mom’s belly and there after they were born. I thought I was going to go through this just fine and that my only worry was whether my child was going to come out okay or was I going to experience what some mother’s experience with never being able to take my baby home (I know this is heartbreaking and not something you want to think about, but you will think about it and worry).

I want you to keep in mind that my body was very tiny at the time, but in-spite of that my pregnancy was pretty smooth going and I did look bigger than I actually was.

Now, I am sure you have seen first time parents grab that all famous book “What to expect when you are expecting” I didn’t because I thought I knew what to expect and didn’t think that a book was really going to prepare me for what I needed to be prepared for. However, it has given comfort to a lot of expecting parents out there and you can grab one for yourself here.

During my pregnancy I did experience cravings but nothing weird like you here others say they did and I didn’t experience the late night cravings where I send my significant other to the store in the middle of the night to get me ice cream and pickles. Nope, my cravings were for slim jims, cheez-its, and CANDY (so much candy). My daughter loved candy!!! LOL!

I also had heartburn (the whole, “the more heartburn you get the more hair your child is going to be born with” saying is just an old wives tale). I had so much heartburn during my pregnancy that I thought my child was coming out with a full head of hair, Nope, she was almost bald. However, you need to keep in mind that all my children were born with very baby fine blonde hair so they looked bald but they weren’t. LOL!

I also had THE WORSE morning sickness ever with her. Not everyone experiences morning sickness and just because it is called morning sickness doesn’t mean that you will only have it in the morning. Mine was all throughout the day, every day, for the first 3 months. After the 3-month mark I was no longer getting sick and I only got sick with certain smells or when I first woke up in the morning. The worst part was the nausea part of the morning sickness, I hated feeling sick to my stomach all the time and just wanted relief and no crackers and everything else people told me to do to help, didn’t help.

Side note: I still get sick to my stomach with certain smells that made me sick while I was pregnant.

All in all this pregnancy wasn’t too bad. I didn’t experience uncomfortableness, I didn’t experience any growing pains, I wasn’t fatigued, and I didn’t have any kind of swelling, but by my 8th month I was still ready for her to hurry up and come out so I didn’t have that big ole belly in my way.

I did, however, experience the dreaded Braxton hicks. They feel like labor pains but when you go to the doctor thinking you are in labor, you find out that you are not having contractions at all, it is just your body’s way of getting you ready for that big moment. Please do not automatically assume that they are Braxton hicks just because it is too soon. If you feel that you are having labor pains don’t let your possible embarrassment or your pride get in the way. Go ahead and go in just to be on the safe side.

The only difficult part I really had was the delivery. You see when I went in for a checkup my daughter had still not turned into the right position. They gave me the option to wait to see if she would turn on her own or I can come in 2 weeks early and they can attempt to turn her and then induce my labor. I chose to come in early because I just didn’t want to take the chance she didn’t turn.

They got her turned and my daughter was born 2 weeks early on November 26th at 5lbs 15 1/2 ounces and besides the sore on the top of her head, she was perfectly healthy.

My Second Pregnancy

So my second child was completely different and my experiences with him weren’t as comfortable as my first.

They say that your first child is usually the more difficult one and the longest labor time. Yea my body changed that statement for sure.

With my second one, I experienced massive heartburn, some uncomfortability, fatigue, sleeplessness nights, a little pain here and there, and a whole lot of weight gain.

With him my morning sickness wasn’t as bad in my first trimester. I had some but it was very small compared to my first. I did, however, experience the same cravings I did with my first.

I mentioned that with my first I looked bigger than I actually was because I was tiny before becoming pregnant. Well I had actually lost all that weight because most of her was all water weight. However, with my son, I gained a lot of weight and I looked 8 months pregnant before I was even close to 8 months and it wasn’t water with him (he was a big baby).

I also experienced sleepless nights because he liked to roll around at night while I was trying to sleep. I mean really rolling and I thought for sure he was going to come out with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck with the way he was rolling. He was a very restless baby.

I also had to go to the bathroom constantly with him because he was so heavy and always pushing on my bladder and walking was nearly impossible because I would get fatigued from trying to carry his weight and mine. My back was hurting all the time.

The other thing I got that I didn’t have with my first one, was stretch marks. This was a little weird because I wasn’t as tiny as I was with my first one, so you would think the stretch marks would have been abundant with her more than him, but it wasn’t.

Braxton hicks was also a bigger thing with him than my first one and I went to the hospital quite often thinking I was in labor. I also went thinking my water was leaking because I would dribble a little on myself, but it was him pushing on my bladder and making me pee on myself a little (yes you may experience wetting yourself).

My labor with him was also longer because even though he was turned in the right position, he was completely in the right position. I was in labor for 12 hours with him because he tried to come out on his belly instead of his back and he also tore me a little.

However, in the end he came out perfectly okay and only 2 days before his due date on October 19th at 8lbs 2 1/2 ounces.

My Third Child

This child was my most difficult one. She is the one that gave me the most stretch marks, the most difficulty, and the most uncomfortability out of all of my children.

Unfortunately she was another Winter baby so I was pregnant through the summer like the other two and that is the most miserable time to be pregnant. There is nothing worse than having this little being growing inside you and causing you to have heat flashes and then getting even hotter because of the hot summer weather.

I was so miserable during the first couple of months of my first 3, but with her especially because she made me grow bigger than all of my children. I still haven’t figured out how I got to be so big with her because she was such a small baby.

With her I experienced morning sickness, but again it wasn’t anything compared to what I experienced with my firstborn. I also experienced heartburn worse than the other two and thought for sure she was coming out with a ton of hair. She had hair but not as much as I thought she was going to have and her hair grew so slow. She looked balder than the other two, but her hair was even more blonde than the other two.

With my third one I experienced more pain with her and in places I didn’t have pain with my other two. I had troubles in my later part of my pregnancy because of the pain she was causing in my hip. It made it difficult to sleep in a position that didn’t hurt, I couldn’t sit without it hurting, and sometimes I couldn’t stand either. I really wish that I had found a pillow like this one here because I think that would have seriously helped relieve some of that pain I was experiencing with her.

We thought that it was how she was sitting and maybe she was pinching a nerve or something, but I was still experiencing some of that pain after I had her, so it may have been something else that was exasperated during. I ended up having to go to a chiropractor while I was pregnant (boy was that scary).

I also couldn’t stand for too long without getting very tired in my legs and I ended up with gestational diabetes with her. I didn’t have it with any of my others and I was glad because I hated sticking my finger every day to monitor my sugars and monitor everything I ate. It sucked so bad.

She was due December 30th and the closer I got to my delivery date, the more she liked to fool us into thinking she was coming. The Braxton hicks were so bad with her that even the doctors thought I was going to deliver any day now.

She had us all fooled because on December 30th she didn’t come. On December 31st I got so excited! I thought I was going to have a New Year’s Baby because I was having contractions less than 5 minutes apart so I went to the hospital like I had done so many times before and I thought this is the one where they are going to keep me and she will be born and I will have the first baby of the year.

Boy was I wrong. I went in to the hospital and they monitored me in triage like they had done so many times before and they could see that I was definitely having contractions and not Braxton hicks, but they were a little concerned because she was way to active for me to be having contractions like I was (she kept trying to kick the monitor off my belly). They decided to admit me and monitor me throughout the night, but I ended up being sent home New Years Day because the contractions just stopped. UGH!!!

I ended up not having her until January 3rd and as big as I was and as many stretch marks I had (I mean they were everywhere including my bottom) she only came out 7lbs 11 ounces (which I loved because that is how much I weighed when I was born, yes she is the spitting image of me as well). I also was not in labor with her for very long.

I had gone in to see the doctor and she had tried this little technique to try and get me to go into labor on my own (I won’t give you the details because it is a little inappropriate to talk about on here, but if you want to know in case you need this done just reach out to me and I will tell you in private). My OB set me up for inducement for the 4th of January (I got lucky and they had an available spot the very next day, that doesn’t usually happen) and I left her office and headed home to get my other two children set up to go where they were supposed to go while I was in the hospital having their sister.

Well I never made it to the next day because on the way home I started having labor pains and about half-way home they were already 5 minutes apart and consistent so I told my grandmother who was giving me a ride that I needed for her to take me back to the hospital and called my mom to tell her.

Within a short time after they had gone ahead and broke my water (my water didn’t break on its own with any of my children) my daughter came flying out within an hour.

My Final Baby

Even with all those things that I had experienced with my first three children I still didn’t stop having children and believe me the last 3 were miserable during my last trimester. The first two trimesters weren’t the best, but they didn’t compare to the last trimester.

I don’t know about most women, but by the time I got to my last trimester I was ready for it to be all over, I did not want to be pregnant anymore and you would think that feeling would have stopped me from getting pregnant again. LOL! I have to be completely honest though, I mostly just wanted to have my baby hurry up and come out so that I could make sure they were okay and hold them in my arms.

With my 4th and final baby, it was almost identical to my first one. I didn’t experience too many things that were different except the size of him and of course the pain in my hip was back. Other than those two things, this one was pretty stinking easy going. I didn’t even experience too much morning sickness. I was sick to my stomach for the first 3 months just like my other ones, but it was pretty mild in comparison.

However, with him I got really big and the doctors were worried that he was going to be too big for me to deliver so they set me up for inducement 2 weeks before his due date.

The other thing with this one was that he was a summer baby so I was not miserably hot during the whole thing. This child was such a breeze and I really don’t have any other thing to report that I haven’t already mentioned with my other children.

Except that he ended not being big at all, he was only 7lbs 4 ounces, but they grow more rapidly during the final stages so he could have possibly been bigger than my second baby so I am quite thankful that they decided to take him early. He came out on August 17th and in perfect condition.

Will You Experience The Same Things As I Did?

I do hope that I have given you some better ideas on what your pregnancy may be like, but please keep in mind that, as you can see, every pregnancy is different so there is no guarantee that you will experience the same things as I did.

Yours may be a lot easier than mine was or it may be a lot harder than mine, but it will all be worth it in the end no matter how it all goes.

The point of this article was to give you some sort of idea on what it can be like and to tell you my story and experience with it because some people can give you the wrong idea (especially T.V. shows and movies) and make you think that it is going to be a piece of cake and that it is all rainbows and sunshine and even though it is joyful and exciting, there will also be some overwhelming moments, painful moments, and misery.

No matter how excited you are to be pregnant and growing that beautiful baby in your belly, there will be times when you feel just completely miserable so be prepared for that and know that you aren’t feeling miserable about the baby, just miserable about how you are feeling physically at the moment.

I hope that I have provided you with some knowledge and comfort telling you my story with growing my children. Please feel free to leave me a comment and/or question below if you would like to know more or have your own story to tell. I love to hear from my readers and I will always respond back.

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  • Matthew

    Just need to get this cleared before I move on,  I’m not pregnant myself, lol, but my wife is with our 4th child and we already have 3 boys so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a girl this time around

    She says that this pregnancy feels a little different so hopefully my son’s will have a baby sister to protect for the rest of her life in a few months time

    On all my wife’s pregnancies she had huge cravings for ice cream but I just put that down to her being a woman,lol but she said it helped a lot with the heartburn she had all the time

    She hasn’t had it so much with this one but her legs ache a lot more than carrying our sons

    Loved reading this post, now I know how much you women do for us men and our children so thanks 🙂

    • admin


      Congratulations on your 4th bundle of joy.  She is absolutely right about ice cream helping with the heartburn. I still use ice cream or milk to help with my acid reflux I have now. In regards to her legs, she is either carrying very low which is causing the extra ache in her legs or this baby is going to be a big baby. I am leaning more towards carrying very low and they say that is what happens when you are carrying a girl. I cannot verify that statement as being true because even though I had two girls and two boys I didn’t really pay much attention to whether I was carrying high or low.

      I wanted to have boys first and then girls but I ended up having girl, boy, girl, boy! I will be crossing my fingers that you have a girl. Please keep us posted!!!

  • Tamika G

    Hi there, thank you for sharing your experiences with pregnancy and labour/delivery. I don’t have any children but I like to hear different mothers’ experiences to have some idea of what they go through. I’ve heard stories from both extremes. I found it really interesting to hear how different your experiences were with each child. What are the age gaps like among your children though?

    • Kristena


      You are so very welcome! That was the reason why I listed each one of my children’s birth so that others could see the difference in each one. My first child and second child have a big gap between the two of them. The first one was born in 1996 and my second one was not born until 2002. So there are 6 years between those two. My third was born in 2006 so there is 4 years between her and my second child. My fourth, however, was born in 2007 so there is only a year and a half between my third and fourth baby.

  • emilija

    I just had my baby a year ago , i was tired, fatigue, sick and didnt have much cravings i threw up everything, but after i had him everything was good.

    • Kristena

      Congratulations on the new bundle of joy!! I am so glad to hear that you didn’t continue experiencing the nausea of certain smells after you had the baby. However, I hate to hear how sick you were during your pregnancy. That is hard to deal with when you can’t keep anything down. Did you experience it for very long during your pregnancy?

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